• Wanjugu


    About me? I am an extremely curious person who loves bringing people closer to their dream careers and seeing them find fulfilment in their lives.

  • Karen Giunta

    Karen Giunta

  • Henry Martes

    Henry Martes

    Associate Creative Director at frog, formerly an urban designer and architect. A photography buff, and total tech wonk.

  • Sherry Cline

    Sherry Cline

  • Brittney Atkinson-McFarlane

    Brittney Atkinson-McFarlane

    Interested in research, UI/UX design, HCI, and social impact.

  • Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

    Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

    As a mom, family engagement influencer, educator, author, and Christian, I write to speak my truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

  • Trent Cotton

    Trent Cotton

    Passionate HR guy, blogger, author. Beware, content has no filter!

  • Masha Pronicheva

    Masha Pronicheva

    Sr Product Designer @hellofresh • NYC Based • www.mpronicheva.com

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